Jim Ryan

DeColores, my name is Jim Ryan. I attended Indiana Men’s Via de Cristo weekend # 39 where I sat at the Table of Matthew. Today I am humbled to be allowed to serve as your National Treasurer.

As I think about it, most of my more significant life accomplishments have little to do with accounting, finance or business. They involve seeking ways and means to give back for the many blessings which have punctuated my life: my loving wife Lynn and our five living children (my three, her two), having enough freedom to seek out ministries which allow me to serve and grow in faith ever since my weekend in 2002, a loving and caring church community (Joining Hands Mission) and a Pastor who asks weekly “who is the Church?”, then sends us out with the charge “now get out there and git’er done”. My tally sheet also includes reunion brothers I love and the opportunity to serve with them and my fellow brothers and sisters in the in the greater Tampa Bay Sonbeam VdC community.

Professionally, I am about half-retired from a career providing audit and litigation support services through a financial consulting firm which represents the Insurance Regulatory community. I often joke that working with numbers is easy, but I accept your commission with both a humility for being able to serve God in this role as well as an appreciation of the fiduciary mantle you have placed on my shoulders. With Christ’s help I will strive to be a faithful steward of the NLS treasury and justify the confidence you have shown me through my selection.

God Loves You and So Do I!
Jim Ryan
NLS Treasurer