Dave Leverenz

De Colores!

I’m Dave Leverenz, the Archivist.  I attended Sonshine North Men’s Via de Cristo #20 near Jacksonville, Florida in 1990, where I sat at the table of Matthew.  It’s been a long journey since then.

Originally from the midwest, 28 moves in 49 years of marriage have taken Cindy and me all over the United States and Asia.  We’ve been active in several Via de Cristo communities along the way and currently participate in Oregon Via de Cristo, where I am the Secretary.  We’re members of Calvary Lutheran Church in Grants Pass.

The story of how we got to the Northwest is this:  Living comfortably in Tampa a couple of years ago, we got a call from old Southern California friends asking if we’d be interested in working a weekend in Oregon.  Sure, why not!  During that weekend, God called us in a way we had never experienced.  Four months later we made the 3200 mile trek west and found a new home, a new church, and a wonderful new Via de Cristo community.

Retired from a career in civil engineering, I’ve found several other ways to put my time to good use, volunteering in various city and county capacities and on the church council.  God is surely good, all the time.


Dave Leverenz

NLS Archivist