July 11th, 2018 — IGNITE

As I was reading Psalm 136, my mind was drawn back to an old coffee commercial whose tagline was: “Good to the last drop.” I started thinking about that, though I myself don’t drink coffee. If it was good to the last drop… what happened after the last drop was gone? It seems to me that it may have been very good to the last drop, but there wasn’t anymore after that last drop. Are you following me? What then?

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced anything like this, but I have. I remember feeling like God just dropped me off at the street corner and drove away. I remember feeling like God was no longer taking my calls. Sometimes in my life, it felt like God’s love had failed, when disappointment, failure, sickness, death came showing up. On days like those, it looked a lot like God’s love had walked out on me and the people I loved.

But I’m not the only one who ever felt like this. The writer of the Psalm 136 recalls numerous people and situations in their lives where nothing looked good… everything was wrong… anything was better than what they had.

But then he draws our attention back to one truth that overrides all those feelings and thoughts…
“For His lovingkindness is everlasting.”

And he doesn’t tell us that just once. No, he tells us that 26 times. 26 times his redundancy is meant to drive home a truth we need to hear no matter what’s happening or not happening in our lives: HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS! (tweet that!)

Over and over again, with every passing thought… every incident in life… good, bad, or indifferent the writer beckons us to say it out loud… with meaning… with hope… “HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS!”

The Bible tells me to offer God my thanks when the diagnosis comes back and it looks bad. The Bible tells me to give praise to my God when the job fell through and I’m still looking. The Bible tells me with all sincerity of heart to worship my God because HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS!

I believe this Psalm is reminding us that when the storms rage… when our world is crumbling… when our footing is slipping… when our knees are knocking… when our head is spinning… what we need to do is remember: HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS! There is no last drop of His love because it is an ever flowing stream, that will never be tapped out, or run dry.

The more I read this Psalm, the more I understanding that amongst all the noise in this world, God is still whispering the same message to my heart: “MY LOVE NEVER ENDS.”

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: God not only loves you… He likes you… And He’s proud of you! HIS LOVE NEVER ENDS!

Thank You for Your love. Help me always remember: YOUR LOVE NEVER ENDS! Jesus, it’s in Your name I ask this, Amen.

Rev.Dr. MM Marxhausen