Thanksgiving greetings from Pastor Bob

Psalm 107:1 is a great guide for our Thanksgiving celebrations.  It begins with ‘give thanks.’  Surely not just on one day, but every day we have much for which to be thankful (God’s blessings on the good days and the presence of God and His people on the bad days).  It continues ‘to the Lord.’  We don’t pat ourselves on the back and take credit for our blessings, but our Thanksgiving is directed to God, the source of all blessings.


The psalmist continues by giving us the reason we give thanks to the Lord: ‘for He is good.’  Throughout another year God has preserved, provided for and protected His people on earth; pouring out His gifts for sinners who have neither earned nor deserved any of them.  After urging us to look back with thanksgiving over the past year filled with good gifts from God, the verse ends by inviting us to look to the future with hope, joy, and faith: ‘His love endures forever.’


Perhaps some things came to an end in this past year, but God and His love for us will never end.  As we say and hear on our weekends:  there is nothing you can do to make God love you any less than He does and there is nothing you have to do to make God love you any more than He already does.


We look back to the past, we look at the present and we look ahead to the future and give thanks that neither God nor His love for us will ever change.


Take a moment this Thanksgiving to look back, look around and look ahead–not just to next year but for all of eternity–and thank our great God for His everlasting goodness and love.


God loves you & so do I!
Pastor Bob

Thanksgiving Message from Wendy Showalter National VdC Board President

Consider how giving thanks to God daily will positively impact our lives.  When we pause to acknowledge His blessings, we can live in a state of spiritual peace.

I pray that this week will spark an attitude of gratitude in each of our hearts.  Let us embrace God’s never-ending love, inexhaustible grace and always-accessible presence in our lives.

Have a blessed and thankful Thanksgiving.

Wendy Showalter

National VdC Board President