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N.L.S. Distribution Center Web Page

National Lutheran Secretariat of Via de Cristo

To place an order:

Decide what items you want to purchase. The Items link has descriptions and prices.

Return to this page which is the Order Form page. Click the large "Go To Order Form" link below.
This will take you away from this web page and to www.FormFast.com to complete and submit the form.
You then can return to this web page if you wish. I will receive your order very soon after you submit it.
I will reply to you when I have read and processed the order.

Thank you,
NLS Distribution Center

Clicking on the "Go To Order Form" link below will take you away from the NLSDC web site.
You will then be sent to the FormSite.com web site to complete the order form.
When the order form is submitted you will have the option to return to the NLSDC web site.
Go To Order Form

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