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 2018 Keynote address
Rev Dr. Carl Billings

  Session 1
Who do you see in your mirror?
Session 2
Who do others see in your mirror
Session 3
You look like Jesus

 2016 Pastors Video Leave Behind Keynote address by
Bishop Marcus Lohrmann

  National Gathering
Opening Worship service
First Business Meeting
 2013 Evening Vespers Living Water - Theme song for the weekend Commissioning of the Host Committee
  A new sung version of The Lord's Prayer    
  2013 Keynote Address:
2012 Keynote Address Pastor Joe Nilsen: Back to the Basics with Pastor Carroll Lang & Judy Lang: Lutheran Forum with Pastor Paul Schmidlin:
2011 Keynote Address and Forums: Invitation, Inspiration, Investment with Pastor Steve Misenheimer The Teaching of Hebrews with Becky Overcash
 2010 Keynote Address Seminar: One  Two  Three Faith talk:  Part one  Part two
  Liturgy Music Sermon
  "99th Rollo" Life of a church pew  
2009 Keynote Speaker Training Panel  Growth: the big picture
  Focus on the 4th Day Corporate Nuts and Bolts  
2009 Pastors Interviews
2007 Keynote speech part 1 Keynote Speech part 2 Speed Bumps: Struggles & Detours
  Group Reunions & Ultreyas Spiritual Direction Serving on a Secretariat Board
  What Race are You In?