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NLS Board Minutes: Teleconference

2010, June 6 Teleconference

Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Bob Northrup, Steve Gielda, Doug Givan, Katie Sistar, Diane Purcell, Judy Laabs-Foss.  Traci opened the teleconference at 7:05 p.m.

Secretary Report – Katie has sent out 2009 Survey Reports and the NLS Constitution with an Affirmation of Affiliation form for the Lay Director/President and Spiritual Director of each secretariat to sign.  She has received survey information from 46 out of 47 secretariats, and 36 signed Affirmation of Affiliation forms have been returned.

Board Reports:  We discussed when reports from the Board needed to be sent to Diane for the National Meeting.  They will be sent to her by June 15.

Treasurer Report – Bob has received dues from 33 secretariats.  The NLS dues are due in May.  The current checking balance is $9,680.17 and the Thrivent balance is $34,323.00.

Vice President Outreach – Steve has been in contact with Oregon, and they are ready to affiliate as Oregon Via de Cristo.  They are sending three representatives to NLSAM and are making a banner to bring.

     There have been 3 requests from Africa concerning Via de Cristo that he will follow up on.  The Board discussed ways of working with Heart of Florida as they try to reorganize.  Bob moved that we offer a $500 stipend for registration and travel for two people from Heart of Florida to attend the NLSAM this year.  Steve seconded.  Motion passed.

     Speakers are not compensated but their travel is paid for by the Board, and their registration is paid for by the Host Committee.  There will be at least two speakers to discuss how the Via de Cristo Fourth Day has made a difference in their lives.  The Board discussed the time frame for speakers. 

Website Discussion:  There was a problem with the website when it became overloaded.  We have changed providers, and Larry has been working diligently to get it working up to capacity.  People who have been having trouble updating their information should be able to do so now.  Larry is also posting the NLSAM schedule on the web.

Minnesota Information:  Diane reported that Minnesota made $1400 on the Golf Tournament Fundraiser they held yesterday even though it was in the rain.

Registrations seem to be slow in coming in.  The Board agreed to each take 7 secretariats and call the Lay Directors/Presidents to encourage them to send delegates.  We will also let them know that there are three openings on the board that need to be filled.  This is an opportunity to encourage secretariats and to see if there is anything they would like to share or bring up for discussion.  The Board discussed having a program by Thrivent representatives while we are in Minnesota.

Board Openings:  Vice President of Administration, Treasurer, Spiritual Director and Data Base Coordinator.  Job descriptions are available to interested parties.  The first three are elected positions and the fourth is appointed.  Doug Givan is running for a second term as Spiritual Director.

Spiritual Director Report – Doug has solicited devotions and has collected 30 to go in a booklet to share with secretariats to use in their Fourth Day.

Gathering History - North Carolina is working on getting ready for 2011.  We are interested in people talking and writing about their movement’s history.  We especially want the ones who have been involved since the early days to tell us about our history.

1972 – 2012    The 40th Anniversary of the first Lutheran weekends.

1981 – 2011    The 30th anniversary of the first National Lutheran Secretariat meeting.

1986 -  2011   The 25th anniversary of the year when the body voted to change from Cursillo to Via de Cristo.

Pr. Doug had a short devotion on hope and encouragement.  Bob moved that we adjourn.  Steve seconded.  Motion passed.  The meeting closed with prayer at 9:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Sistar

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