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NLS Board Minutes:

2010, February 8 Teleconference

The teleconference opened at 7:05 p.m.  Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Steve Gielda, Bob Northrup, Katie Sistar, Doug Givan, Larry Conway, Diane Purcell, Judy Laabs-Foss. 

Secretary’s Report:  Katie stated that the minutes from the Mid-Year meeting in Minnesota are on the web, and they will also be included in the upcoming Conexiones. 

            The Annual Survey for 2009 weekends has been e-mailed to 46 Secretariats. Secretariat Leaders are also being sent a signature form for reaffirming their affiliation with NLS and agreeing to abide by the essentials of National Lutheran Secretariat as stated in the constitution.

 Treasurer’s Report:  Bob received a check for the proceeds from NLSAM 2009 treasurer in Florida in the amount of $2912.84.  The checking balance is $3601 and the Thrivent balance is $34,323.

 Vice President Outreach Report:  Steve reported that on Sunday, January 31, he and Tracy hosted an Ultreya with Heart of Florida in Orlando. Katie Sistar and Ron Millard also attended. This is part of the Outreach effort to renew a struggling secretariat.  It went well, and the attendees were encouraged to set up regular ultreyas and be faithful in their reunion groups. Katie moved that we offer the cost of storage up to $250 for up to 6 months.  Bob seconded.  Motion carried.

Steve reported on the Fourth Day Movement meeting in Florida that Steve Gielda and Tracy Schmidlin attended on January 29 & 30, 2010.  The sharing that was done among the groups participating was very informative. The director, Victor Lugo, has offered to teach the leadership of the groups attending more about the origins of the Cursillo Movement when they meet next year in Texas.  Doug moved that those attendees from NLS invited to the Fourth Day Movement in 2011 be allotted the funds to stay an extra day for an educational opportunity with Victor Lugo who worked closely with Eduardo Bonnin. Katie seconded. Motion carried.

            Tracy stated that secretariats using the name Cursillo in their documents are encouraged to change their name due to the change in the contract with the Catholic Cursillo Movement and their copyrighted trademark.

            The Board discussed a group in Michigan’s request to affiliate as Living Word.  They have rewritten their constitution and are requesting the Board to reconsider their request.  Steve moved that the Board revisit a request to affiliate with NLS by Living Word in Michigan.  Katie seconded.  Motion carried.  Then another motion was made.  Bob moved that if we cannot resolve the issues, we proceed with discussions regarding use of Via de Cristo materials but not the name Via de Cristo.  Steve seconded.  Motion carried.

 Old business:  Tracy stated that the need for a National Coordinator has never been more evident for continuity in plans and direction.  It was suggested that we may need to approach the body as a whole for direction and leadership in this effort.

The Board discussed how speakers at Nationals are paid.  They are not paid an honorarium but are paid for expenses and mileage if requested.

 The Board did not finish agenda items and agreed to continue next week by teleconference.

Doug closed with prayer.  Meeting recessed at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar


2010, 2-18 Teleconference continued


Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Steve Gielda, Doug Givan, Katie Sistar, Bob Northrup, Judy Laabs-Foss.  Absent: Diane Purcell, Larry Conway


     The meeting opened at 8:00 p.m.  The Board met in executive session for an hour to discuss upcoming challenges for NLS.


     Tracy updated the Board on Minnesota’s progress in planning for the 2010 National Meeting in July. 
      Tracy will be asking a nominating committee in preparation for the election of the vacant position of Vice President of Administration and for the office of Treasurer.  Bob Northrup has agreed to run again.


     Katie stated that the National Lutheran Secretariat Affirmation and Affiliation forms have been mailed to the secretariats to be signed and returned.


     Steve reported that Oregon has satisfactorily completed their Constitution and By-Laws and  have signed the National Constitution as Oregon Via de Cristo. They are ready to be affiliated at the National meeting in July.  Doug moved that the Board approve up to $500.00 to reimburse Oregon as a new secretariat to send 2 people to the Annual Meeting in July.  Katie seconded.  Motion passed.


Pastor Doug closed with prayer.  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar


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