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NLS Board Minutes:

July 23, 2009 –Thursday Business Meeting

Tracy called the 32nd NLSAM business meeting to order at 2:55 p.m. on Thursday, July 23, 2009.  She welcomed all and led us in the “Come Holy Spirit” prayer. She recognized the Host Team and introduced the Executive Board and the appointed Board members.  The Board members present were Tracy Schmidlin, Dave Erdman, Pr. Doug Givan, Bob Northrup, and Katie Sistar.  Absent: Nu Helgager.  Appointed members present were Diane Purcell also serving as a Lay Delegate and as Parliamentarian, Larry Conway, also serving as a Clergy Delegate, Judy Laabs-Foss, John Bradford and Ron Millard.  Absent: Lucy Hightower and Paul Sabatier-Smith.

The secretary, Katie Sistar, seated the 89 delegates from 33 secretariats and stated that there were 14 secretariats that did not send delegates.

Tracy requested that delegates check to see if their personal information in the notebooks was correct.  They were to use 3x5 cards that were placed on the tables with any corrected information on them.  She emphasized that the notebooks they received had much important information in them.

Tracy recognized past National officers attending and the many people who have attended past National meetings.

She informed the delegates that elections for President, VP Outreach and Secretary were to be voted on this year.  Dave Erdman as Vice President Outreach has served 2 terms. The President and Secretary are eligible to hold another 2 year term. Nominations would be accepted from the floor on Friday morning and that process was explained.  Judy Mowery from the nominating committee recommended that Steve Gielda be nominated for VP Outreach and that Tracy Schmidlin for President and Katie Sistar for Secretary each be nominated for their second 2 year term. Judy explained that the bios are in the notebooks.  Any other nominations from the floor would need to fill out bios for the body to review by tomorrow with elections on Saturday.

Board members were asked to give their reports, and delegates were told that each report could be found in the notebooks.  Tracy identified a correction in Nu Helgager VP Administration’s report that the Host Document to be used currently is dated June, 09. 

Ron Millard will be working as Archivist/Historian. Much of our early historical documents were destroyed in a transit accident, so Ron has asked secretariats to begin working on reports of their history and requested those who would like to help with this to sign their names on 3x5 cards with “History” on them and their access information.

Vice President of Outreach stated that he would be attending a Via de Cristo the next week in Latvia.  Latvia has now sponsored a weekend in Sweden.

National Spiritual Director Pastor Doug Givan discussed the need for prayer.  He wants to expand the prayer database and encourage fellow pastors to be more active in Via de Cristo.

Secretary Katie Sistar explained the importance of the annual survey data that is requested every year from each secretariat. The number of weekends held and the number of new lay and clergy candidates is collected each spring to be collated in chart form.  The 2008 totals are in the handout which can be placed next to the Secretary report in the notebook.

Website Coordinator Larry Conway requested the delegates to vote on a new look for the Web Page by choosing one of the 2 sample designs posted on the wall.  He also explained the possibility of a blog from the spiritual Director and static sites on our web for those communities that have not yet built a web page or cannot afford one at this time.

Financial Adviser Diane Purcell gave her background as a resource person and gave information about filing 501(c)(3).  She stated that she was available to answer tax and other financial questions from the secretariats. 

Treasurer Bob Northrup used handouts to explain the Treasurer’s report. He pointed out that the monies left over from the NLSAM meetings in Indiana and Arizona were about $12,000 and were received by the Board.  This amount is to be used by the Board as needed to aid future hosting of NLSAM. Barbara Marthens (CA) moved that the Treasurer’s report be accepted.  Nancy Peterson (MN) seconded.  Motion passed. 

Vice President of Outreach Dave Erdman explained how to find the small group meeting places by matching the picture on the nametags with the picture and location in the notebook. Some room corrections were made.  The purpose is to get to know people from other Secretariats and share ideas from around the country. The Region to Region map was shown on the screen, and delegates were to see which region applied to them and note where they would meet.  It is an opportunity to get to know people in secretariats that are nearer and see how they can work together to multiply and help each other.

We are looking for an oral and written report from each Region.  The written report needs to be given to Katie Sistar, the secretary. Judy Mowery noted that Alabama is meeting with the Tennessee Region now.  Delegates and visitors are encouraged to participate in the scheduled activities.

Newsletter Editor Judy Laabs- Foss announced the places where everyone could pick up the Daily Conexiones.

Dottie Schwartz and Don Armbrust gave some emergency information.

Tracy announced that the First Timers photo would be changed to immediately follow the keynote speaker and announced some room changes.  She called attention to Joe Nilsen as the author of Lost and Found.  He is donating all the proceeds of the book sales to NLS for the National Coordinator position.

Ed Broestl, Chair of the campaign fund for the National Coordinator position, will clarify what is going on with that committee on Friday.  Tracy explained the seminars and forum.

Bruce Rasmussen (ENC) moved to adjourn the meeting for now.  Gina Ford (FL) seconded.  Motion carried.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Sistar

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