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NLS Board Minutes:

July 24, 2009 - Friday Business Meeting

       Tracy Schmidlin called the second business meeting to order at 10:00 a.m. in Andreas Hall.

Pr. Betts Huntley opened with prayer.

Dottie Schwartz made announcements regarding keys, posters to be signed, prayer chapel, the shower trailer that had been built for a Florida secretariat, pool hours, events room, vendors, Distribution Center and T- shirts.  Don Armbrust invited people to attend the evening hospitality and Jam Session that will take place after worship in the evenings.

Larry Conway requested delegates to vote on which web page design they liked best.

       Tracy opened nominations from the floor for the office of President.  There were none.  Donna Gough (OH) moved the nominations be closed.  Charles Tucker (FL) seconded.  Motion passed.

Tracy opened nominations from the floor for Vice President of Outreach.  There were none.  Steve Barnett (PA) moved nominations be closed.  Mark Carson (MD) seconded.  Motion passed.

Tracy opened nominations from the floor for Secretary.  There were none.  Barbara Marthens (CA) moved that nominations be closed.  Russell Martins (SC) seconded.  Motion passed.

Donna Gough (OH) moved that we elect the committee’s nominees for the three positions by acclamation.  Dick Link (INKY) seconded.  Motion passed.

Tracy thanked Dave Erdman for his service as VP of Outreach for the past four years and introduced Steve Gielda as the newly elected VP of Outreach.

Ed Broestl spoke about the Campaign Fund for the National Coordinator position.  He explained why we need a campaign to raise $1.5 million dollars and the importance of that amount to get the position endowed. The need for this position has been discussed since 1994. In 2004 the committee developed a job description and recommended the funding of this full time position as soon as financially possible, and Tracy stated that in 2007 the delegates voted to hire a National Coordinator once the position is funded.  He sent letters to all the Lay Directors/Presidents asking for prayer and other help with the campaign. He invited interested parties to attend his committee meeting Friday and Saturday.

Larry Conway spoke about the website and Internet usage and discussed blogging which would be constantly monitored for inappropriate material.  He stated that the website will have links for each secretariat to show dates of upcoming weekends. He plans for the site to be very user friendly.

Tracy explained committee work.  Delegates are to take home the information they get here.  Mary and Dick Link agreed to lead the Visioning Committee.  She asked delegates to consider hosting the 2013 Annual Meeting.

Dave Erdman asked the Region to Region groups to write down how many attend and make a written report to turn in to the secretary.

Tracy Schmidlin supplied a handout and gave a summary of the book, The Starfish and the Spider.  It is about organization – centralized and decentralized.  Via de Cristo is an organization of small groups independently working within the same ideology, not a top down hierarchy.  When we all believe in the ideology, working together is the “body of Christ.”  She encouraged everyone to read the book.

Chris Rasmussen (E.NC) moved to adjourn.  Charlie Tucker (FL) seconded.  Motion passed. 

Pr. Nate Lundgren led a closing prayer.  The business meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Sistar

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