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NLS Board Minutes: Teleconference

June 7, 2009

Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Nu Helgager, Dave Erdman, Bob Northrup, Katie Sistar, Pr. Doug Givan, Diane Purcell

     The teleconference began with prayer by Pr. Doug Givan at 7:40 p.m.

Financial Advisor - Diane: She is working on the nuts and bolts of her presentation for July.  She has received the Treasurer’s report and the report from the Distribution Center for auditing.

     Minnesota is getting ready for the 2010 Meeting.  She reported that NLS 2010 will meet at Northwest College in Roseville, MN.

     She recommended the Trademark and Logo policy be included in the notebook for delegates at Nationals.

President - Tracy: She listed the speakers for the seminars and forum.  To call possible speakers, she used the cards from last year’s meeting that people filled out with recommendations.  The ones who have accepted the responsibility are Steve Gielda – Growth, Warren Keyes – Fourth Day, and there is a three person panel on Training.  Currently Wendy Showalter and Virginia Lensch will be on this panel.  Tracy is looking for one more person to possibly round this group out.  Tracy and Pr. Doug will work on the Spiritual Direction Forum.

Vice President, Administration - Nu: She felt that the May 23rd meeting with the Host Committee at Barry went very well. It helped the Host committee to better understand what is needed She turned in the board’s reports to them for the notebook. She worked with the rooms available for the different activities and speakers at Barry.  She’s gotten changes to the schedule updated. Most events are centrally located by Andreas Building.  The Board discussed items and reports that needed to be included in the notebook at NLSAM.  They are doing well on their budget. Dave is talking with Thrivent concerning funds.  They requested permission to sell 100 mugs with the NLS logo on them for $7.50 each.  The board agreed.   Florida is having difficulty getting a Lutheran bishop as the Keynote speaker.  The board approved the use of a very involved Anglican bishop.

    Don e-mailed Nu that their meeting in May was valuable and was an uplifting and positive experience.  It answered questions and helped to tie up loose ends and had an intangible benefit.

     The Regions map needs updating. Nu will do that.

Vice President, Outreach  - Dave: The two groups that are interested in affiliating with NLS are not quite ready.

     Some people are looking for Spanish materials.  We’re looking for suggestions for how to translate our materials to Spanish.  A team that went to Bolivia had some.  We need to find out more about that.

      He requested suggestions for the small group breakout discussions.

Spiritual Director - Doug:  Has mailed articles to Lutheran magazine publications and will follow up. He had a friend put in a good word about Via de Cristo to all the bishops that met in Chicago.

     He is working on the commissioning service that will be done on Thursday and the installation of new officers on Saturday night.

Secretary - Katie: Out of the 47 Secretariats, 44 have returned the information on the past year’s weekends.  We discussed ways to get the information needed. She will try another time to contact someone from their secretariats to possibly get our updated information completed before NLSAM.

     The board went over items that we needed to get done from the last teleconferences.

Treasurer - Bob: Stated that 88.4% of the yearly dues to NLS have been paid.  The checking balance is $12,595.  Thrivent balance is $31,250.  With some adjustments for struggling secretariats, he was able to collect 100% of last year’s dues. He submitted the auditing books to Diane.

     With the Board’s approval, he has offered several grants to secretariats to help people attend the NLS meeting, but none accepted. 

Newsletter Editor - Judy:  The next newsletter is the daily at Barry University. She needs to contact the people who will help with that service.

Web Page Coordinator – Larry Conway sent to the board three possible new looks for the website.  We discussed them and will send our comments to Tracy to compile and send to Larry.

Old Business: Ed Broestl sent out letters to all the secretariats with information about the National Coordinator position and what will be needed for that.  He requested a response from each of them.

Long Range Planning Committee:  We need to chair this committee.

Concerns of Secretariats:  Tracy sent out e-mail letters to the Lay Directors, Conveners and Assistant Lay Directors in our data base asking for a summary of their Secretariat and if, in their opinion, the board could assist them in any way.  From the 60 replies, 12 are struggling.  She is going to compile the data to use in the Lay Director’s dialogue.  There seems to be a need to focus on sponsorship. We agreed to run a video loop about sponsorship that Good News in Arizona developed. Because of the apparent need, the board agreed to purchase a copy of this video at $3.50 each for every secretariat to take home from July’s annual meeting.

     We want secretariats to be planning ahead to have a history of their secretariat displayed at the 2011 North Carolina meeting in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first Lutheran weekend in 1971.

Follow up with Secretariats who did not attend the NLSAM:  After the annual meeting, the secretary will send out a packet of materials handed out at the meeting, and then the leadership will be contacted before the year is over. 

New Business: Judy and Nu will arrive at Barry on Tuesday to finish getting things set up.

     The Board discussed Regions.  Some are doing very well.  Some are not able to work together because they are so far apart.  We discussed the need for older secretariats to figure out a way to help newer secretariats.

Organization:  Tracy suggested that we read the book, The Starfish and the Spider.

     What does our leadership look like?  What could our leadership look like?  As a focus on our history, where are we 40 years later?

Diane and Doug had to leave the meeting early.

Tracy led in a closing prayer.  The meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,

Katie Sistar




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