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NLS Board Minutes: Phoenix, AZ

Wed., July 23, 2008

Tracy called the meeting  to order at 1:00 PM. Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Nanette (Nu) Helgager, Dave Erdman, Jerry Lemcke, Katie Sistar, Diane Purcell, Judy Laabs-Foss, Bob Northrup, Pr. John Propst  Pastor John Propst read from the devotional book “God Calling” and led in prayer.

Tracy went over the schedule in detail and discussed procedures for the business meetings.  Board discussed the possibility of requiring all the appointed board members to be present for the National Meetings, especially during our anniversary years of 2010 and 2011.  It was suggested that if we require them to be there, we should pay their way.  Past information and history of our organization needs to be gathered and reconstructed.  Boxes of records were damaged beyond repair when shipped.  Next year start a history table where people can contribute items that they have saved.

Diane Purcell will be parliamentarian.  The board discussed procedures for the business meetings, including recognizing nominees and procedures for nominating people from the floor.

Katie Sistar proposed that this year we seat delegates by regions, including the new secretariat from Eastern Pennsylvania, Journey in Faith.

On Friday Tracy Schmidlin will accept nominations from the floor for the offices of Vice President Administration, Spiritual Director, and Treasurer.  She will also ask for persons who are interested in being appointed as Website Coordinator/Manager to see either her or Bob Northrup.

The board will ask attendees to turn in names of good speakers and to indicate which subjects they can do well.  We will emphasize that the Pastoral Support Seminar is open to delegates and visitors as well as pastors.  Sponsorship Seminar has a video presentation of how to sponsor a candidate/pilgrim.  A series of videos will be available for anyone to attend at any time.

Hosting for the next four years with Letters of Intent are: 2009–Florida, 2010–Minnesota, 2011–Western North Carolina, 2012–Colorado.  2010 will be the fortieth anniversary of when Iowa and Florida started Lutheran Cursillo.  2011 is the thirtieth anniversary of National Lutheran Secretariat.  We discussed the need for the host committees to indicate a good time for the board to be able to call them when e-mail isn’t sufficient.

We discussed the need for the National Coordinator Committee to continue to work and the need for a Visioning Committee to dream of possibilities five years or more down the road.

Announcements will include poster signing and availability of computers for attendees.

The new computer for the board is here.  We discussed the need for all documents and records to be put on it, listing by years, including final minutes of meetings with a flash drive back up so our information will not be lost.  Nu moved that we purchase 2 flash drives to back up important information for NLS.  Jerry seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

We discussed needing a number of reporters for newsletter updates at National meetings.  The offering taken at worship on Saturday night will go to fund Outreach. During worship there is to be no flash photography, and communion will be by intinction.  Banners from the secretariats will be brought to the first business meeting and will be hung by the host committee.  Eduardo Bonin tribute will be after supper on Saturday night.

We discussed the need for vendors to be non competitive with the host team.  The use of the trademark needs to be protected.  Diane Purcell will word a resolution concerning this.

We discussed that secretariats must have insurance.

The NLS Constitution needs to be added to the library.  The Pilgrim’s Guide is in Braille, but it is not being used.  People need to be aware that it is in the library.

We discussed working together and meeting deadlines.

Meeting closed at 5:00 PM.  Meeting reconvened at 7:15 PM.

The host team will pick up banners as delegates bring them up when they are seated.  Katie Sistar will call out delegates from each region to be seated by the host committee in designated seating.  Nu Helgager will make a power point list of everyone’s names.  We need to be clear on the names.  We need a delegate’s list that is a different one from the roster of attendees.

We went over room numbers and announcements to be made.

It was suggested that Dave Erdman and a contact person from each region contact secretariats that did not attend the national meeting in 2007 or 2008.

We discussed needing a committee with representatives from the west Coast, middle section and the east Coast to help Dave with outreach.

Nu Helgager has included a form in the packet for secretariats to let us know when there is a change of officers in the secretariats.

We discussed who should keep the records.  The secretary keeps the corporate minutes.  We need to reconstruct back as far as possible since the records shipped by UPS were destroyed.  We could look for old records, newsletters, ask former secretaries, and ask if past members have any records that would help with our history.

We discussed fundraising and endowments.  We would like to be under ELCA Foundation as an approved organization to be listed in people’s wills.

We need a million and a half dollars to endow the National Coordinator Position.  We need to get secretariats to update their lists, indicate deceased persons or those who have moved, etc. to help us get a database to work with.

The year ends on May 31 for finances.  We as a board need to make a point of getting things done as early as possible.  Board was in consensus for the VP Administration to add travel to hosting location about two months before the national Meeting to review final details, schedules, and plans to assist both the Host Committee and the Board in making final preparations for the NLSAM and to be prepared for our first meeting when we arrive for the NLSAM.  We agreed to increase the VP of Administration’s budget for the travel.  Housing for this additional visit by the VPA would be provided by the Host Committee. 

Nu Helgager has the hosting contract from Florida.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20 PM.  Pr. John Propst closed with prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

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