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NLS Board Minutes: Phoenix, AZ

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tracy opened the meeting with the Florida delegation at 4:40 PM, Saturday, July 26, 2008. She went over information and answered questions about getting ready to host the National Meeting next year.

1.        She started with the importance of everyone reading the host documents.

2.        She mentioned what an asset it is to have a good attitude like the hosts here in Arizona.

3.        She explained that the board creates the agenda and seminars.  The hosts make the place available.

4.        Transportation teams at the terminal need to have big signs with NLSAM and an emergency number for travelers to call so they won’t be left waiting.

5.        At Mid-Year the board will create the agenda and seminars.

6.        The seed money from the board has nothing to do with Arizona’s funds.

7.        Host team needs webmasters no later than January.

8.        Registration forms and Transportation forms need to be worked out early.  The board would like the Registration forms by November at Mid-Year.  Hosts will get a copy of the existing form.

9.        Mid-Year procedures. Pick up board members, plan for meals and provide lodging with a meeting room available.  Nu will arrive a day ahead and go over the planned set up at the campus. On Saturday the board will meet with the Host Committee to tour Barry University and go over plans with the group.

10.    Expect about 200 to register.  It’s not a problem to have more than that if the University can handle the number. If you have volunteers that are not there all the time, work out a day rate for them.  Encourage as many people to help as you can because it brings the community together and helps them see the big picture.

11.    Evaluations from this year will be gone over by Nu. She will give a detailed breakdown of the results.

12.    There will be bumps in the road and hassles, but things will work out.

13.    Vendors at the meeting are for the host’s benefit and must be approved by the board.  They cannot be in competition with Symbols, Inc.

14.    Worship committee can plan worship.  Send a copy to Pr. Doug Givan. Worship here in Phoenix was a good standard with the seven services.

15.    Run the music by the Spiritual Director. Encourage a varied selection. Check on copyright of music.  Band doesn’t have to be approved.  They can select whom they want.

16.    Any issues that come up, let us know.

17.    Lucy Hightower has the secretariat members’ names in her computer’s database.

18.    Invitations to next year’s meeting will be sent to all the attendees from this year.

19.    The board trusts the host committee planning.  Any questions you e-mail to Nu Helgager, also CC them to Tracy and the co-chairs, so the leaders know what is going on.

20.    Florida requested that Mid-Year be scheduled for Nov.7-9, 2008 and that date was approved.

21.    In planning copying, be flexible.  It’s not a good idea to use the college’s copiers. There is a lot of copying ahead of time and at Nationals.  Dave Rankin stated that he knows someone who can donate some copy machines to use for the meeting.

22.    There were no other questions.

Tracy closed the meeting with prayer at 5:05 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

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