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NLS Board Minutes:

Mid-Year Meeting - Barry University – Nov. 7 & 8, 2008


The NLSEB met at Barry University at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, November 7, 2008.

Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Bob Northrup, Judy Laabs-Foss, Nanette (Nu) Helgager, Dave Erdman, Katie Sistar, Diane Purcell.  Pastor Doug Givan arrived at 11:00 a.m.

Tracy opened with prayer.  Nu read a devotional that Pr. Doug had sent.

            The board reviewed the September 14 Teleconference minutes.  Bob moved that the minutes be approved as amended.  Nu seconded.  Motion carried.

Bob presented a Treasurer’s report.  All but $500.00 of the delinquent dues have been paid.  Two secretariats reported that they were unable to pay at this time.  Two groups stated that they could pay a portion of the amount due. Bob moved that Tennessee VdC’s money due for March, 2007, be palancaed.  Dave seconded.  Motion carriedBob moved that River’s Edge dues for 2007 be reduced to $100.00.  Dave seconded. Motion carried.  Bob moved that Prairie Sonshine dues for 2007 be palancaed down to the payment of $100.00.  Nu seconded.  Motion carried.  Wachovia account has $4,980, Thrivent has $21,171, Restricted Funds amount is $1,437, and Outreach has $6,515.  He received a check from Arizona for $6,000.00 that has not been deposited yet.

Tracy brought up the request from Ed Caputo to add his booklet for sale as an NLS resource.  Judy provided copies of the book for the board to read.  Nu moved that in light of previous policies regarding the sale of items and resources that are not specific to VdC, the board is declining Ed Caputo’s request to include his booklet in our resources.  Dave seconded.  Motion carried.

Nu presented the board with printed copies of a chart showing the 2008 NLS evaluations.  The board discussed them.  A copy of this is to be on file with the minutes.

We discussed possible seminars for July.

The board reviewed the Arizona Host Committee final reports.  We agreed that reports need to be in sooner than in the past so they can be gone over far ahead of the next Mid-Year meeting. It was agreed that we need for the final reports to be sent to the NLS board by September 1 each year.  The final financial report is to be sent to the board by September 15.  The board will pass on information from the reports that will be useful or helpful in planning future annual meetings.

The board recessed for lunch at 12:10 p.m.

The board reconvened at 1:10 p.m.

The board discussed Arizona’s financial report and had some questions regarding it.  Nu moved that Tracy Schmidlin be authorized to consult with Arizona about their report. Dave seconded.  Motion approved.

The board reviewed Florida’s proposed budget.  Bob will discuss it further with the leaders.  We want to keep the price affordable for delegates and visitors to attend.  Bob moved that registration for NLS 2009 be set at $175.00.  Nu seconded.  Motion approved.

We looked up the verse for “One in the Son” theme and read John 17:21.

The board discussed possible changes in the daily agenda for the NLS annual meeting.  We will add another small group break-out time, look at having the elections earlier on Saturday, and having business meetings earlier in the day to help with announcements and communication.

We discussed the need to have the delegate list from the registrations by July 1 to better plan the seating of the delegates and power point presentation.  Any delegates that have not registered by that date will still be seated but will be at the end of the list.

The board recessed for supper at 5:00 p.m. and reconvened at 6:30 p.m.

We discussed mealtimes and the extra effort for the breakfasts being provided in July.  It requires extra staff time.  We worked out a tentative schedule for the NLS meeting.  It is on file.

We continued the discussion of possible topics for the seminars and forum.  There needs to be an emphasis on what we can do in our fourth day to better enrich the lives of ourselves and the people in our communities.

Tracy informed us that Joe Nilsen has written a novel entitled Lost and Found. The board expressed gratitude that he has stated that the proceeds are to be donated to the National Coordinator campaign fund.

Pastor Doug led us in prayer.  The meeting recessed at 9:00 p.m.

The board reconvened on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  Pastor Doug led us in prayer.  Tracy recapped the suggested seminars and the forum suggestions.  We discussed descriptions and titles for them.  Leaders and speakers will be asked to provide a list of resources regarding their hand outs.  We need to update our DVD and resources in the NLS library.

Nu presented the tentative registration and travel forms from Florida.  The board discussed changes.

The board listed the forum and seminars to present in our combined meeting this afternoon.  Forum – Spiritual Direction – What’s stirring in you?

The seminars will include the following:

1.      The Training Panel

2.      Growth – the Big Picture

3.      Focus – the Fourth Day

4.      Corporate Nuts and Bolts – Benefits and Necessities of 501(c)(3).

The board recessed for lunch.  The Host Committee for NLSAM 2009 and the NLSEB met together at 1:30 p.m.

Dave Rankin greeted us.  Pastor Tom Slager gave a message using John 17:21 as the scripture verse.  We celebrated communion.

Nu asked everyone to introduce themselves.  All have been very involved in their fourth day.  Some have been in reunion groups for over 20 years with the same people.

Tracy read “Hosting Is Honorable Serving.” Then the Host Committee broke into small groups according to committees and met with board members for questions and discussion of things needed to prepare for the National weekend.

Tracy closed with prayer at 3:45 p.m.

The board reconvened at 4:00 p.m.

We discussed ways to advertise funding for the National Coordinator position.

Nu reported that the transportation form will have a place for people to indicate their need for on site transportation.  Posters will be in a convenient place to make them easier to get to and sign.  The banners will be hung in that room.

Chip Spears showed us the blue and green T-shirts they will be selling at the annual meeting.

Tracy has received the corporate book with all the national corporate documents.  The corporate book will remain with the office of president.

The resolutions that we are reviewing were discussed at NLSAM, 2008.    We discussed copyrighting all NLS documents and the NLS Secretariat Trademark and Logo policy.  Bob moved that we copyright all NLS documents. Dave seconded.  Motion carried. 

The copyright policy that was adopted November 8, 2008 states:

National Lutheran Secretariat will copyright all original documents and publish all said materials with the appropriate copyright notation, ©.   National Lutheran Secretariat will register the copyrighted documents with the United States Copyright office.

In 2010 we will need to reregister the NLS trademark for an additional 10 years.  Bob moved that we adopt the Trademark and Logo Policy. Nu seconded. Motion carried.

The following is the policy that was adopted on November 8, 2008.

National Lutheran Secretariat has registered “Via de Cristo” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has been issued Reg. No. 2372407.

National Lutheran Secretariat has registered the NLS logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and has been issued Reg. No. 2374744.

Use of the “Via de Cristo” name and the NLS logo is strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent of the National Lutheran Secretariat Executive Board.

National Lutheran Secretariat requires the use of the copyright symbol ® whenever the copyrighted name “Via de Cristo” is used in a document by an outside source.

National Lutheran Secretariat has registered the name and logo in order to protect the use of name and logo.  National Lutheran Secretariat will pursue remedy of unauthorized use of its name and logo.

We continued discussing the vendors policy.  Bob moved that we adopt the following policy.  Nu seconded.  Motion carried.

The Vendor Policy that was adopted on November 8, 2008 is the following:

            Outside vendors who wish to sell Christian based items at the National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Meeting must be approved by the National Lutheran Secretariat Executive Board no later than June 1st prior to the Annual Meeting.  The National Lutheran Secretariat Executive Board expects that the Host Committee will benefit financially from the vendors.  The Host Committee may decide the method to be used – i.e. table charge, percentage of sales, etc.

            Symbols, Inc. as provider for National Lutheran Secretariat and other 4th day community crosses is grandfathered in under this policy and is not subject to the Host Committee Vendor Policy.  Symbols, Inc. is an approved vendor for all National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Meetings.

            Joe Nilsen, who has dedicated the profits from his book to the National Lutheran Secretariat Endowment Fund is grandfathered in under this policy and is not subject to the Host Committee Vendor Policy.  Joe Nilsen is an approved vendor for all National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Meetings.


The Finance Committee recommendations from July NLS 2008 have been discussed, and the board is sending the recommendations back to committee with notations.  Bob reported that he plans to send a letter to secretariats with unpaid dues the information that if dues have not been received by May 31, the financial report at NLSAM will show that the secretariat’s dues are delinquent. 

We will continue to address host committees or other secretariats promoting materials in competition and/or in conflict with NLS copyrighted material.

Board recessed for supper at 6:35 p.m. and reconvened at the hotel at 8:35 p.m.

We discussed the Michigan group that is interested in affiliating with NLS.  Dave will be contacting them for further discussions.

We went over the job descriptions in the Constitution and By-Laws and compared them with the printed job descriptions that we have.  They are in sync.

The constitution states that the secretary will be in charge of the Corporate Book.  We agreed that the secretary should have a copy of it and should designate the president to keep the book since he/she is required to answer more questions related to the documents.

We reviewed a request from Kairos for prayer.

Tracy and Dave will attend the Fourth Day Movement meeting in Florida in February, 2009.

The teleconference call to review Mid-Year minutes is scheduled for Sunday, November 23 at 7:30 p.m.

Pr. Doug moved the Mid-Year meeting be adjourned.  Bob seconded.  Motion carried.  Pr. Doug led a closing prayer at 10:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

NLS Secretary


Teleconference to review minutes held from 7:30 to 8:20 on November 23, 2008.  Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Nu Helgager, Bob Northrup, Katie Sistar, Dave Erdman, Judy Laabs-Foss, Diane Purcell.  Nu moved that the minutes be approved as corrected.  Dave seconded.  Motion carried.

            Katie Sistar

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