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NLS Board Minutes: Teleconference

June 8, 2008

Meeting opened at 8:05.  Present - Tracy Schmidlin, Nanette Helgager (Nu), Dave Erdman, Jerry Lemcke, Katie Sistar, Judy Laabs-Foss, Bob Northrup, Pastor John Propst, and 2008 host committee representatives, Joyce Dickerson and Rick Knopf. 

Pastor John opened with prayer.

 Web-Site Coordinator - Bob Northrup has worked diligently to transfer the website from Orin Gough’s name to his name with alternate signers.  The web site was down several times during this time and the domain name needs to be renewed.  The possible time is 9 years. Tracy Schmidlin and Judy Laabs-Foss will be listed on the account so it will be easier to change when needed. Jerry moved that Bob Northrup be authorized to renew the website domain name for the maximum amount of years allowed. Katie Sistar seconded.  Motion carried.

Bob and Judy will confer concerning specifics for the appropriate laptop to be purchased for the board’s use before July.

 Tracy welcomed Joyce and Rick joining us for this teleconference.

 Host Committee Representative - Joyce stated that at this time there are 122 registered for the 2008 National Meeting plus about 25 for the host committee.  The college will adjust costs when the numbers are finalized.  The cost is currently based on 200 attendees.  More registrations are expected as it gets closer to the meeting date. The host committee is excited and looking forward to people coming to Phoenix.

 Good News Secretariat is presenting the Sponsorship Seminar.  They have a power point and special handouts and are planning to include a team of five volunteers from those attending for this seminar.

 The board discussed that it would be helpful if presenters had their own laptops to use.

 The committee is working on a direct link for things to be run off at the meeting.  The board’s reports need to be in by June 25 to Joyce with a copy to Nu.

 Lodging for the speakers was discussed.  Their needs are taken care of.

 Spiritual Director - John is asking pastors attending to participate in the Pastors’ Seminar.

 There is a need to fill the Essentials Seminar.

 There was discussion that the banner committee meet again to make a banner for new affiliates.  Lois Witham would be asked to lead it.

 The board discussed when members would be arriving.  Some of the board are arriving on Tuesday and will need a place to stay.  Joyce will see if the college is available. Our first board meeting will be at 1:00 on Wednesday.

(At this point, Joyce and Rick signed off.)

 VP Administration – Nanette Helgager (Nu) is getting regular reports from Joyce and the host committee.  They were commended for doing a great job.  Joyce has copies of the registration forms.  She will update the numbers and send the board new lists.  Nu will make sure everything is coordinated.

 Treasurer - Jerry Lemcke  –  He noted that 13 secretariats have not paid their dues yet.  He is following up on that with phone calls.  Balance in the Wachovia account is $12, 683.81.  Balance in the Thrivent account is $16, 987.00.  The interest rates are down.

 VP Outreach - Dave Erdman – The board discussed having a committee with people from different regions to assist the VP of Outreach.  The National Coordinator Position is not imminent so this would be a big help in having more contact with new groups and those interested in affiliating.

Journey of Faith has done its homework, formed a board, understands the essentials of VDC and has an interested core group.  Dave moved that Journey of Faith be affiliated with the National VDC.  Jerry seconded.  Board approved.

There are groups in Oregon and Michigan that are interested in VDC.  Dave will follow up on that interest.

 Secretary - Katie Sistar – She has completed the 2007 Survey with 45 out of 46 secretariats responding.  The report includes the number of lay and clergy that attended weekends in 2007 and the number of weekends that were held. This report will be included in the packet in Phoenix.

Katie requested that a form be included in the packet that would emphasize the need for the local secretariats to update their information when new officers are elected and send it to members of the board so we will have an easier time contacting people for the information we need at different times during the year. Nu agreed to make this form.

 Old Business -The need for pastoral support and making a better bridge for understanding between pastors and lay persons was discussed.

The nominating committee consists of two people – Blake Ozias of Washington and Ed Brostl of Colorado.  As of this date the nominating committee has received one name for VP Administration, one name for Treasurer and three names for Spiritual director.

 Tracy suggested that board members work on articles to be included in the newsletters at Nationals and give them to Judy ahead of time.

 New Business - The board discussed that a pastor working on his doctorate asked permission to use the green card in his dissertation on a Balanced Christian Life.

 Jerry moved that Pastor Tim Salo from Madison, NJ be allowed to use the green card in his dissertation.  John seconded. Board approved.

 Board will meet at 1:00 Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix. 

 Pr. John closed with prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55. 

Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

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