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NLS Board Minutes: Teleconference

April 13, 2008

Board met by teleconference at 8:00 p.m. E.D.T.

Present: Tracy Schmidlin, Pastor John Propst, Nanette (Nu) Helgager, Dave Erdman, Katie Sistar, Jerry Lemcke, Judy Laabs-Foss, Bob Northrup

Pr. John Propst opened with prayer.

Secretary’s Report: Katie Sistar stated that the February 10 teleconference minutes were approved and sent to the web site and the newsletter. 
Katie is working on compiling information from secretariats about the number of candidates attending their 2007 weekends.  She still needs to hear from fifteen secretariats out of the forty-six represented.

VP Administration Report:  Nu Helgager reported that Joyce Dickerson is meeting with the Host committee regularly and it is going well. 
We will request all the secretariats to send a banner with their delegates.
Joyce has sent out registration letters for the 2008 Annual Meeting to last year’s delegates.   

Treasurer’s Report:  Jerry Lemcke reported the funds are as follows: 
Thrivent Account - $16,916.04
Wachovia Account after outstanding check of $415.00 is in – $11,254.70
Jerry has sent out a check in the amount of $415.00 for travel expenses to Fourth Day Movement meeting.
Twenty two secretariats have paid their annual dues.  All dues are due by May 31, 2008.

VP Outreach Report:  Dave Erdman reported that the Journey In Faith group in western Pennsylvania has finished their constitution and by-laws and will likely be presented as a new affiliate in Phoenix.
There is interest in starting an affiliate in Alabama which he will follow up on.
There have been requests for a Spanish Pilgrim’s Guide, and we are trying to locate one.
There is interest in Lakeland, FL to start a new group there.
There is interest in starting a Via de Cristo in Waterloo, Iowa.
Western Wisconsin has requested information to start a secretariat there in the next year or two.

Pr. John suggested a conference call between Heart of Florida Lay Director, Steve Buemer and three of the board (Tracy Schmidlin, Dave Erdman, and Pr. John Propst) to share information about Via de Cristo weekends and to assist them in planning.

Spiritual Director’s Report:  Pastor John Propst is praying for people and areas that the board has requested and is talking with people in different areas as needed.

Newsletter Editor’s Report – Judy Laabs-Foss:  Newsletter deadline is April 15.
We will publicize the opening of Web Page Coordinator position with an application and job description in the Newsletter.

Web Page Coordinator – Bob Northrup:  Bob Northrup is stepping down from the Web Page Coordinator position.  The position is to be posted on the web page and added to the newsletter. Tracy and Bob will review applications as they are received for this appointed position.
Bob will buy the lap-top computer for use by the NLS board before July as decided upon at the Mid-Year meeting.

Old Business

Tracy will continue to encourage the National Coordinator Committee to move forward with this endeavor and to work toward having a report for the Annual Meeting.

The Nominating Committee consists of Ed Brostl of Colorado and Blake Ozias of Washington, and one more person is needed to complete the committee.  They will be looking to confirm nominations for VP Administration, Treasurer and National Spiritual Director. Nu Helgager has agreed to be nominated to serve another two years for the job of VP Administration.

New Business:  Tracy suggested doing a 20 minute presentation of Eduardo Bonin and the history of Cursillo/Via de Cristo Movements.  The board agreed to do this before worship on Saturday night.  The installation of officers will also take place on Saturday night at the annual meeting.
Florida is suggesting their theme for 2009 be “Fishers of Men.”  We agreed to suggest that they make it less gender specific.
The next Teleconference Call meeting will be June 1.  We will invite Joyce Dickerson and Rick Knopf to be a part of the beginning of that meeting.

The board members need to have their reports in by July 1.

Pastor John closed with prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Katie Sistar

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