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NLS Business Meeting – Saturday, July 26, 2008 - Phoenix, AZ


There was wonderful music played and sung while we gathered for the meeting.  Tracy Schmidlin called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.  Pr. Diane LaFauci opened with prayer.

Dale Anderson clarified for the group that the Spiritual Director Manual that was offered by the Head Spiritual Director in Arizona, James Hoefer, was done locally for their area and that there is  a National Spiritual Director’s Manual that is well done.

Tracy introduced the Host Committee and thanked them for their hospitality and smiles and so willingly serving the community this weekend.

Tracy detailed some issues concerning the use of the NLS trademark and vendors.  Any sale or use of materials and logo are to be for the benefit of the local secretariat and NLS for fund raising purposes.  The board is working on wording a formal resolution concerning this.

The candidates for VP of Administration, Spiritual Director, and Treasurer were introduced again. The voting process was reviewed. Two delegates had to leave early, so 88 ballots were passed out and collected.  Two past presidents, Doug Burrows, and Larry Witham, along with Ed Broestl, a member of this year’s nominating committee, were requested to count the ballots.

During that time, attendees were encouraged to complete the evaluation forms and turn them in.  They were requested to list names of good speakers on 3x5 cards and write a comment as to their topic or area that they do well and how to contact them.

Each of the regions had a speaker give a summary of their Region-to-Region discussions.  They have turned in or will turn in written reports summarizing their discussions. Nancy Peterson from Minnesota in Region 2 said they discussed lots of information to take back to their secretariats and would use some of it in their Ultreyas.  Cindy Perkins from Oklahoma in Region 3 said they had learned that movements are different and that some have co-ed weekends with different tables.  She commented that some pastors from their synod have moved to other areas.  Linda Erdman from Inky in Region 4 spoke.  They want to try to have better communications and go for a website to share more about the weekends.  Pr. Paul Schmidlin from Ohio in Region 5 stated their group discussed how they could work together better.  They want to continue to encourage Journey in Faith and to ask members of NLS to forward names of people who have moved to their area.  They have scheduled a regional meeting to assist Journey in Faith in their first weekends in the spring.  Vivian Knight from South Carolina in Region 6 said that after Los Angeles, they had a regional secretariat meeting and repeated it this year.  They had a music workshop and a financial workshop.  They discussed inviting more people to come to Nationals.  They were concerned that Georgia hasn’t attended and will try to help them.  We need to support each other’s weekends with people, pastors, etc., sharing information.  Dave Rankin from Florida in Region 7 stated that there are 7 active secretariats in Florida, though some are struggling.  They discussed how to support each other.  Ed Broestl from Colorado in Region 1 said they shared views, concerns and stressors.  They discussed the question - What thing if it was left out would make life totally bearable?  They saw a need to examine their insurance position.  They want to get information back and forth better in their large area.

The results of the balloting were stated.  Those elected were Vice President Administration – Nanette (Nu) Helgager, Pastor Doug Givan - NLS Spiritual Director, and Treasurer - Bob Northrup.  Donna Gough moved that the ballots be destroyed. Kris Jones seconded. Motion carried.


All of the committees presented verbal or written reports with discussion and questions as necessary. Copies of most reports were passed out or in their books.

1.       Banner and Palanca - Lois Witham facilitated the workshop and has a written report.  The committee presented a beautiful butterfly DeColores banner to Journey in Faith delegates.

2.       Finance Committee - Virginia Reymer read the report.  Jim Ryan presented the budget as presented in the packet.  They discussed the need to pass information about dues and the due date to new treasurers in the secretariats.  There was concern that many secretariats had not paid their dues by May 31. Last year’s amount of $7000 was insufficient to begin the National Coordinator Fund Raising Campaign.  In the new proposed budget there is a line item that states “Board authorized to expend prior years accumulated unrestricted funds and fund raising designated funds for endowment fund raising.”   This would be up to $13,000.  Ted Smith moved that the budget be approved as read.  Bob Quam seconded.  Motion carried.  Diane Purcell asked secretariats to make gifts to get the National Coordinator Campaign off the ground.   Jerry thanked Minnesota for their palanca gift.  Offering at worship on Saturday night will go for Outreach.

3.       Hosting an Annual Meeting - Nu Helgager has a written report.  These are the secretariats that have made a formal commitment to host the annual meeting for the next four years.  FL-July 23-26, 2009, MN-July 22-25, 2010, Western NC-July 28-31, 2011,   VdC of the Rockies, CO-July 26-29, 2012.

4.       Lay Director’s Dialogue - Tracy Schmidlin facilitated this dialogue. A very important item from the written report is that all secretariats need to be insured and incorporated.  There were many suggestions discussed among the 22 secretariats represented here.

5.       Website Coordinator - Bob Northrup stated that there is one person who has expressed an interest in being the new Website Coordinator.

6.       Newsletter Committee - Judy Laabs-Foss has a written report.  They brainstormed about communication.  She reminded delegates that she is available to be contacted throughout the year with any questions or problems concerning this form of communication within their secretariat.

7.       Spiritual Director Dialogue - John Propst has a written report.  There was good discussion among twelve secretariats about audio-visual aids, requiring clergy critiques, and things that are different in the country.  One group suggested that a short 5-10 minute DVD with testimonies from pastors and bishops telling of the benefits of this movement would be a good item to share with pastors to increase interest.

8.       Visioning Committee - Dave Damien was the facilitator and has a written report.  They started by looking at priorities and then current circumstances.  The committee noted that growth seems to have slowed among a lot of secretariats, especially drawing pilgrims under forty.  Prison ministries are fast growing.  We need to have an influence in Christian ministries.  They would like to implement positive changes.  They see a need for outreach, for better communication, and to be flexible.

9.       National Coordinator Campaign - Pr. Joe Nilsen stated that the need for a National Coordinator has been an evolving development over several years.  92,000 people have been through the movement in 47 secretariats. We need to permanently finance a paid position and past delegates voted to do this.  We have not moved as rapidly as we hoped.  This kind of campaign is very expensive.  God led them to an answer. A consultant with 30 years fundraising experience who has seen changed lives from an Emmaus Walk has agreed to train us to do our own campaign.  He will only charge us a per diem fee for three intense days of training and some expenses for utilization of some data resources.  A properly run campaign will probably yield more than enough to fund the position. The committee will work with the board in working out details.  They have been good stewards of the $7000 that was authorized; they have only spent $35.00 for a conference call to get this far.  He made three requests: 1. Pray for this campaign.  2. Authorize the board to launch the campaign with up to $13,000. 3. Go back to your secretariats and report these developments, and tell them we will be contacting them in the coming months to obtain a copy of their database.  We must have a secure national database for the campaign to work. That will be used only for this campaign and then be secured in our national office.

Diane Purcell stated that the amount was approved when we approved the budget.

Tracy called for acceptance of the Letters of Intent for hosting. There is already a contract from Florida.  Carlene Lemcke moved that we accept the Letter of Intent from Minnesota for 2010. Jim Ryan seconded.  Motion carried.  Steve Barnett moved that we accept the Letter of Intent from North Carolina for 2011. Doug Burrows seconded.  Motion carried.  Gina Ford moved that we accept the Letter of Intent from Colorado for 2012. Roy Fredbloom seconded.  Motion carried.

Florida’s Secretariats extended an invitation for all to COME to Florida next year.  Chip Spear narrated a DVD presentation showing Florida attractions and Barry University in Miami Shores. The theme is “One in the Son,” based on John 17:21.  The Florida delegation passed out invitations and bags of Florida pamphlets as attendees left the auditorium.

Diane Purcell moved to adjourn the NLS Meeting.  Markay Neumann seconded.  Motion carried.  Pr. Joe Nilsen led a closing prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

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