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NLS Business Meeting – Friday, July 25, 2008 - Phoenix, AZ

             Tracy Schmidlin called the meeting to order at 10:25 AM.  Pr. Bill Sistar led in prayer.

Tracy welcomed everyone and went over the schedule, naming committees and seminars available for the day.

Tracy did an update on the National Coordinator Campaign to fund the National Coordinator position.  Ty Herring has recommended that one to one and a half million dollars is needed to permanently fund the position.  The committee needs to have a person in charge to keep it going.  There is a need for secretariats to give us information for a database to work toward the goal.  This committee will meet and report to us on Saturday.

Tracy went over rules for nominations from the floor.  For Vice President of Administration, the committee nominated Nu Helgager from California and now New York.  Vi Christiansen nominated Lynn Ryan from Indiana.  Dave Rankin seconded it.  Dennis Bertles nominated Karen Bennefield from California.  Cindy Perkins seconded it.  Donna Gough moved that the nominations be closed.  Dottie Schwartz seconded. Motion carried.  Charlie Carlson from California and Doug Givan from Indiana were nominated by the committee for Spiritual Director.  Carlene Lemcke moved the nominations be closed.  Doug Burrows seconded. Motion carried.  Bob Northrup was nominated by the committee for Treasurer.  Dave Rankin moved the nominations be closed.  Markay Neumann seconded.  Motion carried. Each was introduced and made a statement about their interest in Via de Cristo. The committee nominees have bios in the book.  New nominees will have bios distributed before Saturday.

Announcements were made about seminars, prayer requests, posters, snacks and water.  Dave Erdman told about the small group meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM.  Pr. Carroll Lang closed with prayer.


Respectfully submitted,

Katie Sistar

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