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Schwitzer Student Center

NLS Archives: The 2007 NLSAM Meeting
July, 2007
University of Indianapolis - Indianapolis, Indiana

Sponsored by the Via de Cristo community of Indiana and Kentucky (INKY). The Annual Meeting Chair was Lynn Ryan. The registrar was Marcia Poisel.

Meeting Schedule

Annual Meeting Newsletters for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

2007 Forums (videos)

Keynote Speech by Bishop Jim Stuck Part 1 (video) Keynote Speech by Bishop Jim Stuck Part 2 (video)
Seminar 1 - "Speed Bumps" - Struggles & Detours (video)  Seminar 2 - "Group Reunions & Ultreyas" (video)
Seminar 3 - "Spiritual Direction" (video) Seminar 4 - "Serving on a Secretariat Board" (video)
Forum - "What Race Are You In?" (video)  

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