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Annual Meetings - General Information
(From A Former VP of Administration)

"Wishing You Many Bright Days!"



(Reflections from the 2000 Annual Meeting)

I love the song we sing on our weekends that goes.  Are not our hearts burning within us - Are not our hearts lighted with fire. As I reflect on the Annual Meeting these words spring to mind - hearts burning within us - hearts lighted with fire. The theme for this year's meeting "Go Light Your World" was delicately woven throughout - grabbing our attention with the keynote address and weaving its way into the uplifting praise music and inspiring worship. I venture to say that for those of us fortunate to be in attendance at this year's Annual Meeting, it would be difficult not to experience hearts lighted with fire the fire that burns with the presence of the Holy Spirit filling us with His abounding love the fire that extinguishes our many differences and draws us together as one in Him - the giver of light. What better mission can there be for God's people than to Alight our world?

Our hosts, The Seven Secretariats of Florida are to be commended for their collective efforts in coordinating and implementing our Annual Meeting. This diverse and selfless group of Cursillistas devoted countless hours, drove numerous miles, and donated many dollars to ensure the success of the meeting and to provide for our every need. Our heartfelt thanks go to each and every member of the Host Committee for their tireless efforts.

Much appreciation and gratitude are also extended to our guest speakers and presenters--to Pastor Frank Langholf, our forum speaker, for his insight and guidance into the area of spiritual direction and, to our seminar presenters--Mark Carnes, Diane Purcell, Dave Saggiser and Tracy Ziemke for sharing with us their wealth of knowledge and experience, enabling us to take back fresh ideas and suggestions that will aid and strengthen our home secretariats.

Finally, to all who were in attendance, sincere thanks for your participation, cooperation and self-giving spirit. Each and every individual played an integral part in the overall outcome of the Annual Meeting. To the many of you who completed the Evaluation Forms our thanks for your positive, encouraging, and helpful comments. The structuring of the meeting was very well received, the instructional topics and presentations were timely and informative, the committees felt their work was progressing nicely and the general consensus was that the accommodations were excellent and the hospitality was unparalleled. With your continued input and assistance, each future Annual Meeting will build upon the previous, providing new opportunities for service and sharing.

So, how do we keep our candles burning amidst the gushes of wind in our workplaces, our schools, our government and, even in our churches? That's a question that we each have to deal with every day. Isn't it amazing though how the Holy Spirit unites us--so that when my light is flickering and appears to be growing dim--your light is beside me, like a beacon, helping me find my way?


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