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He is risen

Via de Cristo NLS Elections – 2020

My Friends in Christ,

I pray this finds each of you and your loved ones safe and in good health.  We are bonded together as the Family of God during these challenging times and can hold fast to His promises.

Although we will not gather face-to-face this summer, we still have pieces of business to complete as part of this organization.  One such item is the Election of Officers. We request that you search your hearts and minds – spend some time in prayer – and consider running for one of the three positions that will be on the ballot.

How we will handle the actual elections will be explained later this summer.

The three position with links to job descriptions are as follows:

Spiritual Directorhttps://www.viadecristo.org/bio/Job%20Des/Sd.pdf

Vice President of Administrationhttps://www.viadecristo.org/bio/Job%20Des/VPadmin.pdf


After reviewing the job descriptions and if you feel so called, please complete the appropriate Nomination Form and send to me by June 1.

Spiritual Director Nomination Form - https://tinyurl.com/wozhrmz

Vice President of Administration Nomination Form - https://tinyurl.com/stpznu5

Treasurer Nomination Form - https://tinyurl.com/r3pjcqe

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

And remember what is on the back side for your VdC cross….”Christ is counting on you.”

Rejoicing with you  - our Lord has risen!!!  Halleluiah

Wendy Showalter, NLS Board President


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