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The Truth Presentation at NLS Annual Meeting 2011
    The Charism given to Eduardo Bonnin for the Cursillo
        Essential - God's Love, Grace
        Essential - Keep to Basic Message of the Weekend (Christmas Tree Example)
                              Do not add anything to basic weekend - stay on message

Download PDF documents of the slides:
    Click [6 Slides per Page] 15 Pages, 3.4 Megabytes

    Click [4 Slides per Page] 22 Pages, 4.1 Megabytes

    Click [2 Slides per Page] 43 Pages, 7.5 Megabytes

Download "The Truth" PowerPoint 2010 Presentation:


  1. Internet Explorer will not download this presentation as a PowerPoint file (.PPTX).  Internet Explorer and possibly other browsers do this because of concern for the potential for malicious content in a .PPTX file and other file types like .XLSX.

  2. This presentation's file type was changed from .PPTX to .DOC for downloading
    (changed from "The Truth Presentation NLS Annual Mtg 2011.pptx"
      to "The Truth Presentation NLS Annual Mtg 2011.doc")

  3. After downloading what appears to be a .DOC (Word) file, change the file type to .PPTX and the presentation will work in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
    (change back to "The Truth Presentation NLS Annual Mtg 2011.pptx").

  4. Click [The Truth] 41 Megabytes, Prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (.PPTX),
                                  86 Slides with two imbedded videos.
Yours In Christ
Wendy Showalter
VP of Outreach

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