thoughts; June 27th, 2018 — IGNITE

I hope you do know that there is a huge difference between facts and truth. There have been many times when somebody was standing in front of me, rattling off all the facts about their life – what was wrong… what was hard… what the doctor said… what happened at home. Here’s what I know… Facts are facts – but truth is truth. Which one do you live by, because I’m sure you can’t have both. How or why can I say that?

Well, we all go through stuff. Some stuff we keep a secret. Some stuff we deal with, but quietly, even though its haunting us. Some stuff we just fake our way through but deep down inside it’s killing us. I’ve met many a pastor who can’t tell you about the hell they’re going through out of fear as to who might be listening to them. I’ve listened to a good number of spouses who can’t open up because they think they’ll be judged. Men won’t say anything because then they’ll be looked at as less than a man. We say things like, “God knows what I’m going through,” and then we stop. We’ve listed all the facts about our life… and they’re all true… but we don’t speak truth.

Truth says this:
“And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it.” John 14:13-14

The facts are, we’re sick, but truth says:
“Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for Thou art my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14

The facts are we’re lacking, but truth says:
“… my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

The facts are we’re lost and wandering, our faith is weak and we know it, but truth tells me…
“Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it shall be opened.” Matthew 7:7-9

The facts are we feel fruitless and unproductive, but the truth says…
“You did not choose Me, but I chose you, and appointed you, that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask of the Father in My name, He may give to you.” John 15:16

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: I know I could keep going on with scripture passages, but what I want to know is: are you going to tell me the facts or the truth? Facts are facts – there’s no doubt about it and we can list all the facts about what’s wrong with our lives. But truth is truth and God’s Word will never fail!

Let Your truth guide and correct me today. In Jesus name I ask this, Amen.

Rev. Dr. MM Marxhausen