thouights: May 10th, 2018 — IGNITE

As I was reading the Word today, my mind kept saying the same thing over and over again – “Wouldn’t that be nice!”

“Wouldn’t that be nice if God treated you that way?”

“Wouldn’t that be nice if God responded to you like that?”

“Wouldn’t that be nice if God answered your request like that?”

Why was I thinking like that? Well, as I was reading 1 Samuel 23, I found David once again running for his life from King Saul. This is like the umpteenth time, but he’s running again. He and his men had just fought the Philistines who were trying to overtake this little town. And while there David knew that King Saul was going to come and try to kill him again.

So what does David do? He prays! This is what he says…
“‘O LORD God of Israel, Thy servant has heard for certain that Saul is seeking to come to Keilah to destroy the city on my account. Will the men of Keilah surrender me into his hand? Will Saul come down just as Thy servant has heard? O LORD God of Israel, I pray, tell Thy servant.’ And the LORD said, ‘He will come down.’” 1 Samuel 23:10-11

See what I mean? Wouldn’t it be nice to have God answer you like that? But wait… there’s more… keep reading…
“The David said, ‘Will the men of Keilah surrender me and my men into the hand of Saul?’ And the LORD said, ‘They will surrender you.’ Then David and his men, about six hundred, arose and departed from Keilah, and they went wherever they could go.” 1 Samuel 23:12-13a

I just want to say, “Wow! To have God answer your request like that – on the spot! What would that be like? How nice would that be, to ask God your life’s question and have Him answer you right away?

God, should I buy that car?

God, should I marry this person?

God, should I invest my money here?

God, should I sell my house and move?

God, should I look for another job?

God, should I retire?

Maybe that’s the whole point! Maybe I just never ask Him those questions, though He’s very willing to answer them. Maybe I just figure I’ve got myself this far along in life without asking the questions, why start now? Maybe I’ve just never tried asking God my questions because I didn’t want to hear what He had to say because I already had my mind made up on what I wanted to do. Maybe I believed He wouldn’t talk to me like He talked to David – that succinctly and that expeditiously.

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: God’s always been available to hear your prayers and answer them. Are you willing to ask Him? Are you willing to listen to Him? Are you willing to follow Him?

As I pray today, speak to me… direct me… guide me… in words I understand, in tones simple, pure and true. In Jesus name I ask this, Amen.

Rev. Dr. MM Marxhausen