April 11th, 2018 — IGNITE


What more could He do? I mean He was there all the time. It wasn’t like He didn’t care, or that He got out the boat to let them fend for themselves. He was right there the whole time. What difference did it make that He was sleeping?

What am I rambling about? I was reading Mark 3 today in my Bible reading and came across the account of Jesus and the disciples caught in a storm while out on a lake, during the night. Not a good place to be when the winds and the waves are out of control. You remember the story, right?

Jesus had just got done teaching, preaching and healing the multitudes. At the end of a long day, He said to them, “Let’s go over to the other side.” (Mark 3:35). Right there was clue #1 – He said they were going over to the other side. What didn’t they understand? Did they really think they were only going to make it halfway, get stranded, or worse yet, drown? And the answer to that is a big – YES! Evidently.

When the wind started howling and the waves started rolling over the side of the boat, into the boat, these men forgot all about what He said. All they could focus on was the situation and circumstances.

Here’s clue #2 – Jesus was in the boat. He hadn’t left them on their own. He hadn’t given them a command to go to the other side by themselves. He was right there with them. Yes, I know He was asleep in the boat, but who cares. Right there should be another clue. Jesus isn’t overcome or overwhelmed by some water in the boat, or even when the boat is rocking, or going under.

Here’s a third clue we should remember – clue #3 – Jesus stood up and told the wind to stop it. The Creator still has control of the creation.

I hope by now you know where I’m heading with all of this. We should probably read this section of scripture weekly, if not daily. I mean…

How many times do we step out in faith because God told us to, only for it not to go as smoothly as we had planned, and we start falling to pieces?

How many times do we venture out on some task for the Lord, and then when things go haywire, we start to think that we are all alone and He’s abandoned us?

How many times hasn’t Jesus stepped into our lives and commanded the wind to stop and it did. And how many more times does He have to do that before we get it?

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: You’re not alone – you’re never alone, He right there with you. He’ll calm every storm in your life. Quit focusing so hard on the situation and the circumstances. You’re going to go cross eyed if you keep that up. He’s in the boat with. He’s not going to drown and He’s not going to let you drown either!

I know You’re right here with me now. Calm my storm. In Jesus name I ask this, Amen.

Rev. Dr. MM Marxhausen