December 25th, 2017 — DEVOTE

It’s Christmas Day. Once again we get to celebrate the birth of the our Savior and King, Jesus. I wonder how many people will miss that thought today? I wonder how many will be meeting with a whole host of people, and never once will the name of Jesus be brought up, though He is the reason for their gathering?

Sometimes I try to look at life through God’s eyes – from His perspective. When I do that I begin to wonder why God ever puts up with us. I mean, think about it for just a second. We lie… we cheat… we steal… we gossip… we abuse… we kill… we grumble. And to top it off, sometimes we do that to others, but all the time we do that to our God!

But even though we are so unappreciative and unloving, God still shows up. I mean, He’s never pulled the plug on our celebrating His Son’s birth. He still forgives us… heals us… provides for us… protects us. He still justifies us… sanctifies us… and blesses us.

Then it hit me. God doesn’t do any of that because of us – He does it because of who He is! His reputation is on the line. He’s the One who had that Bible written and everything about Him is recorded right there in black and white for everyone to see (some in red if you have a red letter edition :-)).

Think about it. We are His namesake. We’re born in His image and made in His likeness. That in itself tells us – it’s not about us! That’s why He continually cleans us up and clears our name. That’s why He doesn’t go off on us, but instead forgives us. That’s why He’s favor rest on us when in truth we should be forgotten. That’s why He can use us today even when we let Him down yesterday. It’s not about us. Christmas isn’t about us – though we’d like to think it is. We make it about the food, and the presents, and the games. But it’s isn’t about us, it’s about Him. He’s got a reputation to uphold. His name is on the line.

Here’s what I read in the Bible that made me think of all of that…
“I, the LORD, am true to Myself; I will be praised for not punishing and destroying you. I tested you in hard times just as silver is refined in a heated furnace. I did this because of who I am. I refuse to be dishonored or share my praise with any other god.” Isaiah 48:9-11

Here’s my word of encouragement for you today: Remember, it’s not about you – it’s all about Him. Today is all about Him. Tomorrow will be all about Him. Your eternity will be all about Him.

Help me get my perspective on life aligned. This is all about You. Jesus, thank You for making that so clear, by being born like one of us. It’s in Your name we pray, Amen.