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Biography of Carol McGill

Brenda Accola
Carol McGill - NLS Secretary

Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado (which, in and of itself, explains a lot). I am now retired from employment as a paralegal. I have a brother, Ed, who lives in Erie, Colorado.

I attended Colorado VdC Weekend #6 in November 2000 and sat at the Table of Growth. My home congregation is First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Longmont, Colorado. Like everything I learn about creation and myself, it is a gradual process. I did not have an epiphany after the weekend, it has been a slow process of discovery and amazement. My journey of growth is not over.

I am curious about everything and all of creation. Because I am active and healthy, I have become especially curious about how my body works and how I can continue to live where I do independently. That has led me to "my home away from home" - the gym. I am a "gym rat" and have been given the moniker "Mama Carol"

In Faithful Service to Christ,
Carol McGiill
NLS Secretary