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Pastor Appreciation month

October is Pastor Appreciation Month

This is an important time to thank our Via de Cristo Spiritual Directors. So what can we do? How can we show our appreciation and encouragement as they fulfill the calling the Lord has given them?

1. Pray for them.

What better way to uplift your S.D.s than by approaching our Lord of grace. Take time regularly to pray for their emotional well-being, their physical strength, their spiritual wellness and any specific needs you know.

2. Write them encouraging letters.

After hearing a rollo or a meditation, tell her or him how convicted or encouraged you were. Thank them for serving the Via de Cristo ministry outside the typical workday. Tell them about how the Lord has been using their service in your secretariat.

3. Plan an Appreciation Dinner or Lunch.

Using willing hands and warm hearts from your community, set aside an evening or afternoon to shower your Spiritual Directors with love + good food and even a mini-serenade. Make them feel treasured.

Please join me in thanking each and every one of these faithful servants for their self-less commitment to this ministry.

Wendy Showalter
NLS President

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